The story of my American accent + tips on how to master the American accent and speak like a native

09 Apr 2021

It's time to share the story of my American accent. I'm bilingual - English is my second language - and so I want to tell you how I mastered the American accent in English. In this video, I'm sharing a few tips on how you can master the American accent and speak English like a native speaker. I'm also answering a few of the most frequently asked questions, including 'why do you live in London and still speak with the American accent?'
I hope you enjoy this video!

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(The accent you'll acquire is the General American accent/MidWest accent. I know there are more accents in the world and in the US, so please, don't come at me saying that there is no one American accent or that other accents are more important. Thank you.)


○ How to have a native accent in any language →​
○ How not to learn languages →​
○ English Studies as a University Major →​
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Time stamps:
0:00​ introduction
1:39​ the beginning
3:36​ my school teachers
5:42​ tip 1: practice all the time
6:42​ classes with American teachers
10:07​ tip 2: commit to the journey
11:12​ entering university as an English studies student
13:00​ my struggles with my accent
13:54​ living in London, UK & speaking with the American accent
18:10​ practicing on your own vs with a teacher
18:49​ tip 3: get a pronunciation teacher
20:19​ tip 4: find your why
22:31​ master the American accent
24:38​ how I practice now
25:11​ tip 5: never stop practicing

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