The best app for speaking a foreign language? Improving my French speaking skills + Speakly review

09 Apr 2021

Have I found the best app for speaking a foreign language? Today, I'm reviewing a new language learning app that is designed to help you with improving your speaking skills. As you know, my speaking skills in French need a little boost and I'm dedicated to improving the way I speak in French. So, I thought that Speakly could help me out with that! Is it worth it, though? Watch this Speakly review to find out!

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As you know, learning a foreign language means you need to know how to speak the language and how to sound natural. Many language learning apps either teach you a formal register or they use examples that don't make sense in the real world. That's the reason why I never really used language learning apps and quickly got bored by them. But Speakly has changed the game. Speakly promises you that you will learn a foreign language 5x faster, so let's give it a shot and review Speakly in this video!

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