Should you practice with other English learners?

26 Mar 2021

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In this video, I talk about the frequently asked question, "will practicing my English with other English learners ruin my English or make my English WORSE?"

The answer is NO.

Practicing with anyone who is willing to listen to you is an excellent opportunity to sharpen your language skills. Also, practicing with non-native English speakers means you will develop an ear for understanding different accents, which is an extremely valuable skill that even many native speakers don't possess.

But, there are even MORE benefits to practicing with other non-native English speakers.

One is that you won't feel as much pressure to speak quickly or "perfectly," and you won't be as worried about your mistakes. This will reduce your stress and allow you to speak more freely. You will feel more confident, and this will aide your fluency.

Don't worry about "picking up mistakes" or a "bad accent" from someone else. As long as you are absorbing most of your English from native speakers, you will maintain your level and improve it.

For example, if you hear your partner say, "he didn't wrote the paper," and you know that this is wrong, you will likely help them with THEIR mistake, and not acquire that mistake yourself.

I made this video to encourage you to practice your English as much as possible, with anyone who is willing to help you. If you'd like to find a partner from our community, I recommend using Instagram.

Just follow my account @theenglishcoach and reach out to people in the comments. You can also post pictures using hashtag #englishfulltime​, and search through the hashtag to find active users in our community.

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