How to Learn a Language From Scratch | The First Week of Learning a New Language

05 Mar 2021

In today's video, I'm going over how to learn a new language from scratch. I take you through what I would do in the first week of learning a new language, and I decided to try French! This isn't one of those "learn a new language in a week" videos, instead, I'm giving you a schedule to try in your first week to create a solid foundation for your language learning routine. These language learning methods include listening, pronunciation practice, vocabulary practice, and basic conjugations. Don't feel pressured to understand a lot in your first week, language learning is a life-long process! There's no rush at all and don't let comparison kill your motivation.

To repeat my disclaimer, I am NOT going to continue learning French. I simply started learning it for this video to show you how I would approach learning a new language. I still want to focus only on Italian.

Here's a link to the French book I was using in the video:​

Language Learning University (which makes the book I showed in this video) also has books in other languages! If you're studying German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, or Japanese, check out their other options here:​

Download the First Week Study Schedule that I talked about here:

Create your own study schedule with my language studying workbook! Click here to purchase:

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