How I learn languages - My tips on how to improve your speaking skills in a foreign language

09 Apr 2021

The number one question that I have been asked on YouTube and on Instagram and in private messages from you guys is how I learn languages and if I have any tips for you. I do! In this video, I share my tips on how to improve your speaking skills in a foreign language.

I'm also excited to share my How To Learn Languages digital course, in which you will learn even more how you can start learning foreign languages using my tips and techniques!

My digital courses:
○ American Accent Academy →​
○ Advanced Grammar University Course →​
○ How to Learn Languages Course →​
○ On-demand workshop library →​
○ FREE course: Advanced in 5 Days →​
○ FREE workshop: Speak English Like a Native →​


○ Perfect accent in 4 steps →​
○ 2 things that are stopping you from making progress →​
○ Fluent in French: Planning my learning journey →​
○ Fluent in French: Update after 2 months →​
○ Fluent in French: Update after 4 months →​
○ English Studies as a University Major →​
○ Tips for working/studying from home →​

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