Compound Phrases - Hacking Conversational Spanish

10 Apr 2021

In this lesson, you'll learn about Spanish compound phrases.

Specifically, you'll learn:
- What Spanish compound phrases are
- Why they are so important
- A few of the most common mistakes Spanish beginners make with compound phrases.

Whether you are a Spanish beginner, intermediate, or advanced student you will need to use compound phrases whenever you speak Spanish.

In addition, when you are starting out this is one of the most important concepts when reviewing Spanish for beginners because it will help you shortcut the learning curve and is a key strategy for accelerated learning.

In addition, even when you move on to intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish you can use compound phrases whenever you encounter new tenses or moods to reduce the learning curve when it comes to a set of new verb conjugations.

If you want to build your Spanish from a beginner level to an advanced level as quickly as possible, learn how to use compound phrases, practice them, get really comfortable with them and then choose the next important set words and phrases.

The 10 Must-Know Spanish Words and Phrases:​

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