1001 Spanish Words You Already Know | Spanish Cognates

10 Apr 2021

Spanish cognates are incredibly useful because you already know these words from English.

If you are learning Spanish and your first language is English, you have a huge advanced because there are thousands of these words.

In this video you'll learn:
- A definition of Spanish cognates
- The difference between perfect cognates and near-perfect cognates
- How to predict cognates in Spanish, and
- A few of the most common error with these words.

Strictly speaking, English to Spanish cognates are words that share a common etymological root word from a language such as Latin.

However, this isn't always useful because some cognates are very difficult to predict in Spanish.

Conversely, there are some words that look the same and can be used in similar contexts in both Spanish and English but they aren't technically cognates.

Instead, we can ignore the strick linguistic definition of cognates and focus our attention on the words that look the same and mean the same thing in both English and Spanish regardless of the etymology.

This can be a really powerful technique because it will allow you to communicate in Spanish quickly and accurately even if you are a beginner.

List of English to Spanish Cognates:

The 10 Must-Know Spanish Words and Phrases:

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